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Check the links below to find out how to follow and support me! ~
  • SubscribeStar

    Easiest way to gain instant access to all my works, variants and rewards! Supports credit card payments only.

    Support me!

    Support me here if you'd like the convenience of using your Pixiv account. Warning: Censored content.

    Support me!
  • Discord

    Subscribe through discord and gain access to all works. Of course non-subscribers are also welcome! <3

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  • Throne

    Not a fan of subscriptions? I also love gifts! Please check out my throne so I can look fashionable!

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Subscription FAQ

What's a subscription?

Gain immediate access to all my previous art pieces in standard definition and their variations by subscribing through SubscribeStar or Discord. Join our Discord community and receive a special role based on your tier to show your support.

How much does it cost?

Subscription prices range from $4 for the Watcher tier to $10 for the Voyeur tier and $20 for the VIP tier.

What do the tiers include?

All Tiers come with a special Discord role~

$4 - Watcher:

  • Access to all manga (discord)
  • Access to uncensored works (discord)
  • Access to WIP files (past month)
  • Access to variants (discord)

$10 - Voyeur

  • Everything from Watcher
  • Access to exclusive polls
  • Access to manga-story polls (coming soon!)
  • Access to structured PSD & CLIP Files (past month)

$20 - VIP

  • Everything from Watcher
  • Everything from Voyeur
  • Access to my foot references (Discord)

Can I cancel at any time?

Subscriptions are a monthly support payment towards me. They can be canceled at any time. Note that access to subscription rewards ends once the payment period expires.

Commission me

Want your own unique art piece? Get yourself a commission from yours truly! I offer commissions through my own form or VGen, whichever method suits you better.